About Me

Hello, my name is Joe(Aka Tosker). I am 22 years old and absolutely love programming. I primarily develop with C# in the .Net framework. I have experience in WinForm, WPF, UWP, XNA(Or Monogame), SQL, Microsoft Access and more. I am merely a hobbyist and have much to learn myself. But I hope to help those who wish to learn some of the technologies I have experience with. That is why I created Toskers Corner which focuses around presenting tutorials and source code to beginner level applications to supply you with the resources to pursue your path in learning these various technologies. I have a strong interest in not simply regurgitating information to you, but taking you through a journey that you can easily associate a common-tongue relation with. I encourage those who do find my material helpful to try and be vocal in my various videos and posts so I can have the information to better suite the needs of my audience. You can always feel free to personally contact me via email, YouTube, Twitter or any other platform you may find me. You can contact me for just about anything and everything. I enjoy interacting with you guys very much.

Sincerely, Joe.